Best Book for SSC CGL English Vocabulary

There are many books available which say that they are the best book for SSC CGL English Vocabulary. But toppers have recommended that you should not study all of them. You should study Vocabulary from only best books .These books will help you in Tier 1 and Tier 2 preparation. You should have one previous year question book and one authentic text book. I am first going to list down some books and how to study them.

Best Book for SSC CGL English Vocabulary :-

  1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  2. Kiran Chapter wise English for SSC
  3. S. P. Bakshi – Objective English

At the end of this article I will also write down some other way to improve your vocabulary besides these list of Best book for SSC CGL English vocabulary.

Here is the best books for vocabulary section for SSC CGL with some special features:-

1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis – This is the most famous book for vocabulary. You may have this book in your study room and must have seen in your friends’ study room. This is a red color book. This book is divided into sessions. And after every sessions you get many exercises to practice and revise the vocabulary.


2. Kiran Chapterwise Previous Year English Book – This is must have book if you are preparing for any exam of SSC like CGL, CHSL, MTS, CPO. This book contains all the vocabulary and grammar questions asked in different SSC exams asked till now.


3. S.P.Bakshi– Objective English book by Arihant Publication – You can study from this book. This book can be referred as complete English textbook. This book contains both sections of  grammar and vocabulary.


4. The Hindu Newspaper – Read The Hindu newspaper daily. If you do not have much time read at least two editorials. And the write down important word meaning from those editorial into your notebook. You can take help from The Hindu Vocabulary App available on Google Play Store for free.


Now there is one important question that every aspirant asks : – 

Is Word Power Made Easy enough for SSC CGL ?

I would say just Word Power Made Easy Vocabulary book is NOT enough for SSC CGL vocabulary section. Because SSC CGL exam has become highly competitive. Students who are preparing from 3-4 years have read so many books. I will suggest you to study from this book and Kiran Previous Year Question Papers as well.  


Even if you do not buy this book but you should study phrasal verbs section from this book. There are around 250 phrasal verbs. I must say that phrasal verbs of this book is complete.


In my opinion you must study from :-

1.Kiran Chapterwise Previous Year Question + Word Power made Easy ( English Medium students)


2. Kiran Chapterwise Previous Year Question + S. P. Bakshi ( English Medium students )


3. Kiran Chapterwise Previous Year Question + Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Ma’am ( Hindi Medium students )



Now as I have said you earlier that besides the above best book for SSC CGL English vocabulary, I will also tell you some other resources to improve your vocabulary. These are as follows:-

  1. Read at least two editorials from any newspaper and write down words which you find difficult. ( if you do not have habit of reading newspaper you can start from any newspaper and eventually move to The Hindu newspaper. )
  2. Use The Hindu Vocabulary App -. This dictionary is also available on android version at google play store. It is free. Download link – The Hindu Vocab App. You will get Word Meaning in Hindi and English both.
  3. You must register for daily SSC  vocabulary quiz/test. Or you can give daily test at SSCTRICK. We are going to start quiz very soon for your  SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL and MTS exams.


best book for ssc cgl english vocabulary

Conclusion for best book for SSC CGL English vocabulary – Study from authentic source only. Do not fall in the trap of buying every book available in the market and making your room a mini library. Try to make your resources of vocabulary limited. Daily learning and revision is the key to success.