Which are the countries that borders BLACK SEA ? [ TRICK ]

There are 6 countries that borders / surrounds BLACK SEA with trick. These are as follows : –

  1. Georgia
  2. Turkey
  3. Ukraine
  4. Russia
  5. Romania
  6. Bulgaria

These are easy but you will have to remember so many names like this. So I am going to tell you simple trick to remember names of countries that surrounds BLACK SEA.

TURKEY is the name of a bird. From the feathers of this bird clothes [ robes ] are made. I am showing you the picture of TURKEY bird first and then will tell you the trick.

TRICK 1 : Get me BLACK TURkey RoBe.

From the above trick you can remember names of all six countries that surrounds BLACK SEA.

Get – Georgia

TURkey – Turkey, Ukraine, Russia

RoBe – Bulgaria, Romania


There is one more trick to remember countries that surround Black Sea countries .


TRICK 2 : Just remember this mnemonics – BuRGURT [ Add T to Burger ]

  1. Bu – Bulgaria
  2. R – Russia
  3. G – Georgia
  4. U – Ukraine
  5. R – Romania
  6. T – Turkey

I hope you enjoyed learning this trick. You can also watch this YouTube video to revise this trick again.