In Hand Salary of SUB INSPECTOR in CBI- Rs 66,057

CBI needs no introduction. The full form of CBI is Central Bureau of Investigation. CBI functions under Deptt. Of Personnel. This deptt. Is under Ministry of Personnel, Pension & Public Grievances, Government of India. We will discuss Salary of sub inspector in CBI. Because of handsome salary, diversity in job role, social prestige, lots of power and authority Sub-Inspector job is the most sought after post through SSC CGL. That is one of the reason why the cut-off for the post of Sub-Inspector is very high.


In-Hand Salary of Sub-Inspector in CBI:-

Grade Pay Gross Salary In-Hand Salary
4600 71,571 66,057


Salary of Sub-Inspector in CBIOfficial Notification Screenshot :-

Special Features:-

  • 13 months salary.13th month salary is given at the end of 1 year.
  • SIA ( Special Investigative Allowance ) 20% of Basic Pay which is equal to Rs 8,900.



Salary of sub inspector in CBI in X type cities:-

      1. BP ( Basic Pay ) – Rs 44,900

  1. DA ( Dearness Allowance ) – 7% of BP = 3,143
  2. HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) – 24% of BP = 10,776
  3. TA ( Travelling Allowance ) = Rs 3,600
  4. DA on TA = Rs 252
  5. SIA ( Special Investigative Allowance ) 20% of BP = Rs 8,900

You can watch this video for more information. Though there is some mismatch in data because both contents have been created at different time.

Adding all above components GROSS ( Total ) Salary of Sub-Inspector in CBI = Rs 71,571


In addition to this govt.will add NPS which is 10% of ( BP + DA ). This is equal to Rs 4,804. The same amount of money will be deducted from your gross salary as NPS ( Employee Contribution). And these two will be deposited in as your NPS which you will get as pension. Let us see deductions from gross salary.


Deductions in Salary of sub inspector in CBI:-

  1. NPS ( Employee Contribution ) 10% of (BP + DA) = Rs 4,804
  2. CGHS = Rs 650
  3. CGEGIS = Rs 60
  4. Income Tax = Rs 3,000 atleast ( If you invest judiciously )


In Hand Salary of Sub-Inspector in CBI :- Rs 66,057


In Hand Salary of Sub-Inspector in CBI during training = approx. Rs 49,500. Because during training of Sub-Inspector HRA and TA are not given.


Some doubts: In Question-Answer format:-


Question: What is salary of SUB INSPECTOR in Central Reserve Police Force ( CRPF ) ?

Answer : You can expect approximately Rs 40,000- Rs 45,000 in hand salary for this post. There are 15 posts in CRPF. It starts from Constable and highest post is Director General ( DG ).

Question: How Inspector in CBI is recruited?

Answer : There is no direct recruitment of Inspector in CBI. Sub-Inspector is promoted to the post of Inspector approximately after 4-5 years.


Question: Is there any other way of direct recruitment besides SSC CGL?

Answer : No. CBI Sub Inspector is recruited only through SSC CGL exam.


Question: Is Grade Pay for Sub-Inspector same in all cities?

Answer: Yes Grade Pay is same for all types of cities i.e X,Y,Z cities.


Question : Then why there is different in hand salary of Sub-Inspector in CBI?

Answer : Because of different HRA. For X type cities there is 24 % HRA. For Y type cities there is 16% HRA. And for Z type cities there is 8% HRA. Also there is difference in TA ( Travelling Allowance ).


Question: On what data HRA is calculated? Is it on Grade Pay or Basic Pay?

Answer : HRA is calculated on Basic Pay.


Question: What is the Basic Pay for Sub-Inspector in CBI?

Answer : Rs 44900.


Question: Is Basic Pay same for all types of cities?

Answer : Yes it is same for X,Y and Z type cities.


Question : What is the concept of X,Y,Z cities?

Answer :    

X cities = Population more than 50 lakhs.

Y cities = Population between 5 lakhs and 50 lakhs.

Z cities = Population less than 5 lakhs.


Question : Why CBI Sub-Inspectors are given Special Incentive Allowance (SIA)?

Answer : Because there is shortage of staff in CBI, so for speedy trial of CBI cases, officers are given Special Incentive Allowance. You can visit CBI official website.  


Question : Does Sub-Inspector in CBI get salary for 13 months?

Answer : Yes. Because of following reasons:-

  1. Hectic work
  2. Overtime
  3. Some working Saturdays and even some Sundays.


If you still have any doubt regarding Salary of sub inspector in CBI you are most welcome to ask in comment section. Best wishes for your great career ahead.