Superfluous Error in English


Superfluous Error in English for SSC :-

Superfluous Error in English is very common in grammar. If you know the definition and some basic concept it will will be very easy to spot these Superfluous Error. We will study 20 questions and their solutions related to Superfluous Error in English for SSC. In the previous post we have studied basic concept related to Superfluous Expression and Slang.


1. Within an hour’s journey /they will /approach near Patna./no error

Ans- ( C ) Remove near. Near is superfluous here.


2. The P.M. said that/ it was his decision /and that nobody could get it changed./ no error

Ans- ( C ) Remove that


3. The teacher forbade/ the students not /to stage a walk out./no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove not. Use of not after forbade is superfluous.


4. “The patient is comparatively better /today and I hope /that he will recover soon”, said the doctor./no error

Ans- ( A ) Remove comparatively or replace better with good. Two comparative degree can not be used together.

So the right sentence will be any of the two : –

“The patient is better today and I hope that he will recover soon”, said the doctor.


” The patient is comparatively good today and I hope that he will recover soon”, said the doctor.


5. Yesterday in the night /she came to dinner but ate very little /because she was emotionally disturbed./no error

Ans- ( A ) Replace yesterday in the night with last night.


6. The thing what /he likes is not/ available here./no error

Ans – ( A ) Remove the thing.


7. He asked me politely/ where I was going to/ and what I would bring for him./no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove to


8. In Mumbai she/ came across with many of her friends/ who had settled there ./no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove with. Never use with or suddenly with come across.


9. Two recent incidents/amply illustrate about /  the present political condition of the country./no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove about. Never use about after illustrate,describe or discuss.


10. Throughout the whole year/ there was not a single day /without some violence./no error

Ans- ( A ) Remove whole.


11. The reason why /most of the people commit crime/ is because they have not been properly educated./no error

Ans- ( C ) Replace because with that. The reason and because can not be used together in a sentence.


12. Many people /don’t hardly know about the real factors/ that have led the state to so many crises./ no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove don’t. Never use negative words like no, not, don’t, doesn’t, didn’t, etc with hardly and scarcely. Because hardly and scarcely are themselves negative words.


13. We stayed in Goa /for a very short period of time /and then we returned home./no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove of time.


14. She wanted to know /whether it was /the right and proper thing to do./no error

Ans- ( C ) Remove either right or proper. Because both these words have same meaning and can not be used together.


15. Now-a-days she is living/ in foreign /but her parents still live in India./no error

Ans- ( B ) Replace in foreign with abroad.


16. According to me /every student of English literature/ must read all the best tragedies of Shakespeare./no error

Ans- ( A ) Replace according to me with in my opinion.


17. Many pupils/ of this department are working as teachers/ in different public schools of the district./no error

Ans- ( A ) Replace pupils with students.


18. She was /very friendly enough /to help him when he was in distress ./no error

Ans- ( B ) Remove very. Because when enough is used after positive degree of adjective then we should not use very before that positive degree.


19. There is/ no place/ in the bus./no error

Ans- ( B ) Replace place with room


20. She ran /as fastly as/ she could to win the race but ultimately she lost./no error

Ans- ( B ) Replace fastly with fast. There is no such word like fastly in English Grammar.


21. He is / comparatively better / today./ no error

Ans – Correct sentence will be – He is comparatively good today. OR He is better today.

Explanation – The rule says that two comparative degree can not be used together. In the question comparatively and better are in comparative degree.


These 20 Superfluous Error in English will really help you.