Superfluous Expression and Slang


What are Superfluous Words ? Superfluous meaning in English ? Superfluous definition.

Those words which are unnecessary and are just redundant in an expression are known as Superfluous words. For example – for a long period of time. Here we can remove ‘of time’ or period. The correct expression will be – for a long period or for a long time.

So we can say that superfluous words means ‘more than required’.

They are redundant words in the expression.

What is Superfluous meaning in Hindi?

You can take any of these words as meaning of superfluous in Hindi:-

  1. जरुरत से ज्यादा
  2. फालतू
  3. अतिरिक्त
  4. अत्यधिक

What are SLANG?

Those words or phrases which are used by particular group but they are not used in standard English ( by everyone ) are called SLANG.

For example- ‘Fake news’ is a slang. This phrase was made popular by President Donald Trump. This word is supposed to describe inaccurate and fabricated news but now a days this phrase is used to describe the news which is against one’s views.

Another Example of Slang- my family member – its right phrase will be – a member of my family

Some features of Slang:-

  • Slang is an informal language.
  • A slang is used and spoken in particular context.
  • We sometimes misinterpret using slang as being cool.
  • For example sometimes we use ‘sis’ for sister.


  1. required
  2. relevant
  3. useful
  4. necessary
  5. needed
  6. reasonable

These are the antonyms of Superfluous.


  1. excessive
  2. redundant
  3. useless
  4. needless
  5. unnecessary
  6. profuse
  7. surplus


Superfluous is a combination of two Latin words – ‘Super’ and ‘Fluere’. ‘Super’ means over and ‘Fluere’ means to flow.


  1. Repetition of same sense in different words
  2. More than is needed, desired, or required


Superfluous is an important topic of Grammar if we want to avoid common errors in English speaking and writing. Sometimes we write and speak words which are unnecessary. So we should know all these words if we want to improve our English language. Now we are going to start the word list.


What are superfluous words

  1. There are some words which start with ‘re’. After some of them we don’t have to add back or again. There words are as follow:-

return, reimburse, retreat, recede, recall, recapitulate, repeat, recast, rewrite – never use back after them.

reborn, rebuild, reiterate, recast, recall, recede- never use again after them.

  1. After these words never use over.

over-ride, overturn, overshadow, overshoot, overtop

  1. There are some words after which we do not have to use not. Otherwise it will make the expression superfluous expression.

until, unless, forbid, prevent, dissuade, deny, refuse, lest.



  1. equally as good as (Wrong)     1. as good as
  2. mutual agreement (Wrong)    2. agreement
  3. mutual friend (Wrong)             3. common friend
  4. mutual dislike of each other (Wrong)    4. mutual dislike
  5. freeship  (Wrong)                      5. freestudentship
  6. lecturership (Wrong)                6. lectureship
  7. cousin brother  (Wrong)           7. cousin
  8. cousin sister  (Wrong)               8. cousin
  9. consensus opinion (Wrong)   9. consensus
  10. consort husband  (Wrong)     10. consort
  11. consort wife (Wrong)               11. consort
  12. final conclusion    (Wrong)     12. conclusion
  13. kindly requested   (Wrong)    13. requested
  14. funeral service   (Wrong)       14. funeral
  15. supposing if   (Wrong)            15. supposing
  16. suppose if   (Wrong)               16. either use suppose or if
  17. during the period of war     (Wrong)   17. during the war
  18. during the war period   (Wrong)  18. during the war
  19. with bag and baggage  (Wrong)    19. bag and baggage
  20. my family member  (Wrong)      20. a member of my family
  21. an English teacher   (Wrong)    21. a teacher of English
  22. passing marks   (Wrong)       22. pass marks
  23. linking road    (Wrong)          23. link road
  24. suddenly come across (Wrong)      24. come across
  25. come across with   (Wrong)  25. come across
  26. coward man   (Wrong)          26. coward
  27. flee away     (Wrong)              27. flee
  28. and who  (Wrong)                  28. who
  29. and which  (Wrong)               29. which
  30. and that    (Wrong)                 30. that
  31. reason because   (Wrong)      31. reason that / reason why
  32. two twins (Wrong)                  32. twins
  33. divide into four quarters  (Wrong)   33. divide into four
  34. await for  (Wrong)                   34. await ( = wait for )
  35. comprise of   (Wrong)             35. comprise ( = consist of )
  36. investigate into    (Wrong)      36. investigate ( = inquire into )


These are some basic concepts of  Superfluous Expression and Slang. 


Some concepts we learnt in this post are :-

  1. Superfluous antonym /synonym / definition
  2. Superfluous etymology
  3. Superfluous error in English
  4. Superfluous words in English
  5. Superfluous words for SSC

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